MyMeta Pre-Sale

Remember to purchase Closed Alpha or Closed Beta Packages in order to access properties early & begin minting property in the MyMetaverse before anyone else, otherwise you can still enjoy instant ownership of these special properties and guaranteed collection properties & heart properties in Open Beta!

Current Release Dates:
Closed Alpha: 7/1/2022
Closed Beta: 1/1/2023
Open Beta: 5/1/2023

MyMeta Game Property

Obtain property in the MyMetaverse before ANYONE else, securing property of various kinds all around Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the world! Obtain access to guaranteed Collection Properties and even guaranteed Heart Properties - minting exclusive in-game NFTs and providing incredibly beneficial advantages over other players.

By purchasing Heart Property packages, you can even be one of the very first players to contribute to real world causes by using the MyMetaverse as a conduit for contributions to animal & nature protection and conservation, climate change solutions, development and relief services, treatment and prevention services, international peace, security and affairs, and social services.

Change the game, change the world!

MyMeta Game Access

Obtain access to the Closed Alpha & Beta, and for the last package obtain the ability to open as one of MyMeta's FIRST existing MetaCompanies!

Alpha and Beta access puts citizens of MyMeta in an extraordinarily powerful position, being capable of minting land, utilizing brand new profit generating features as they roll out, and building structures before ANYONE else - but this also comes with GREAT responsibility.

You will be there every step of the way as the MyMetaverse actualizes, and we will need your help in ensuring the highest performance in development, as well as the most engaging gameplay that has ever existed.