The MyMetaverse

Integrating The Metaverse With The Real World

MyMeta exists to create an environment wherein players can truly own property in the MyMetaverse utilizing blockchain technology, take advantage of multiple booming investment opportunities inclusive of NFT trading & crypto liquidity pools, and ultimately scale up independently as well as with friends. Equally as integral to our purpose, we want our players to have fun working as a community towards real world causes.

Buy, Sell, Trade

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Buy your first property for free using your Citizen Acquisition Rights and become a real landowner in the MyMetaverse on day one, minting your property on the Polygon blockchain!

Sell to other players for the in-game currency MyMetaCoin or fiat in-game, and benefit from MyMeta's fiat-out functionality.

Trade your newly owned property for other in-game assets, vehicles, services provided by MetaCompanies, or anything else you and the other party decide is fair!

Build Your Dream Home

Build your first small residential structure for free with the "Blox" you're given as a citizen of MyMeta. This will allow you to build, but you'll find out quickly that it takes the help of other players or friends to construct your home in a reasonable amount of time.

As you progress through the game and your net worth in MyMeta increases, choose from a wide array of pre-created structures made by MyMeta or have a custom built structure fabricated to your exact specifications by other talented players in the MyMetaverse.

Rent your structure out for MyMetaCoin or fiat daily or exercise your lease-to-own option & allow other players to own your structure after a specified amount of time. Develop this rental portfolio to create a serious in-game residual income opportunity while you sit back!

Become a MyMeta

Become a farmer and tend to other players' gardens. Develop a rideshare business and transport other players all over the MyMetaverse. Open your doors as the newest biodiesel gas station in town and fuel other player vehicles. Create a massive solar farm and generate clean energy within MyMeta for an entire town. Build a MetaBNB portfolio and make your properties available for rent before new city releases to give yourself an advantage that no other player has. Open a restaurant to provide energy to your fellow citizens as they travel on foot!

These are only a few of the MetaCompanies players can create within MyMeta, and we're just getting started! We believe in a heavy emphasis on generating in-game wealth from hard work and societal contribution - and so do our citizens!

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When you decide to play MyMeta, you decide to take part of a global project to make the real world a better place. Dependent upon which types of structures and areas you mint property in, we have decided to contribute to charities and foundations dedicated to animal & nature protection and conservation, climate change, development and relief services, treatment and prevention services, international peace, security and affairs, and social services.

Not only will minting these special types of properties mean a contribution to these organizations, but some popular structures may also be considered "Heart Landmarks" which yield exclusive one of a kind NFTs which you can then sell for a substantial profit!

Other players will also have the ability to donate to these causes by navigating to your property and selecting the "Donate" button, using your property as a conduit to create massive change in the world - while you earn a percentage of contributions!

The MyMeta Mission

We have many different missions we are pursuing every single day with MyMeta, but they all revolve around improving the quality of the planet, assisting people across the world in need, contributing to conservation efforts, and lowering the barrier to entry for new-age investment opportunities utilizing virtual real estate, NFTs and even LPs.

Meet The Team

MyMeta Pre-Sale

For a very limited time only, with limited supply, and by popular demand, we've decided to open the door to an exclusive pre-sale to allow our very first fans to have the first chance at purchasing MyMeta packages.

We will still be offering these exact same packages starting 6/1/22 - the big difference is the pre-sale packages you see below are

This gives you a substantial leg up within the MyMetaverse, secures your in-game assets early - for a discounted price, and allows you the ONLY WAY to take advantage twice.

This will not happen again, the prices you see below are the least expensive you'll EVER see them offered and when the timer above runs out - our full pricing will be

Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing you all in the MyMetaverse!


Register to play MyMeta in Alpha and mint property before anyone else!
It's completely optional but there may be packages on pre-sale that will guarantee your entry to Alpha!
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Non-contributor registrations will be considered on a first come first serve basis, but we will be taking community engagement & community contribution into consideration. Make sure to like & share all MyMeta socials, assist other community members on Discord and build the brand if you'd like to get access to Alpha without financial contribution.

Thank you for registering for MyMeta Alpha! We will be in contact with next steps if you are accepted!