Enter The MyMetaverse

Live Demo

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In this Live Prototype, anyone from across the planet will be permitted to log in, run around anywhere in the MyMetaverse - and even work for an opportunity to EARN Exclusive Closed Alpha Access. Occupy MyMeta with your family & friends, and move up in the Alpha Access Queue for doing it!

In addition to this absolutely incredible opportunity, we've decided to EXTEND the pre-sale discount to allow those who EARN access or don't have the money to spend on the full-priced packages - ONE last opportunity to take advantage of the very best deals that will ever exist in the history of MyMeta. For one more FULL MONTH we will be leaving the door open to the (absolutely insane) discounts on our pre-sale. Jump into our pre-sale through the website, or directly through the app in order to guarantee your access and obtain TONS of MyMetaCoin to stake your claim in-game! Another strategy is to purchase Guaranteed Collection Properties or Heart Properties, and share your link to work through the ranks & gain Closed Alpha Access for free with a huge portfolio on day one!

We can't properly put into words the excitement we feel to be able to return the favor of undying dedication we've seen from you all. Thank you for allowing us to show you why you've invested in MyMeta, and please make sure to follow ALL of our socials & jump into Discord to ensure you have the most up-to-date information as we inch closer to opening up the MyMetaverse to YOU!!!